UJO - One More Day EP

Rising from the abyss of an eternal sonic beauty, Ujo is back with « One More Day », his 2nd release on Moose Records.

Opening with « Renaissance », the first track of his new opus is an infinite source of air flowing through your lungs, it’s like being born again, breathing for the first time and starting this epic journey that is « One More Day ».
As it continues, you could feel everything coming into focus, hearing your heartbeat in your own ears syncing with the deep rythms from « Forgive Yourself », crushing to the cinematic dimensions and water spills of « The Ego » and going into crescendo to the rolling vertigos of « Free ».

This whole release is a mastepiece of musicality and sound-design, the french-native producer Ujo has stepped up his game once more, with what could remind us of a future edge cut of M83 melted into what Moose Records knows to do best, emotional electronica.
This is one of the most advanced release flowing into our ears and it feels pretty damn good.