Frames Of The 5th Dimension EP

by UJO

In today’s universe UJO is one of those golden kids who’s vision is so unique that it seems unbreakable. Coming for a totally personal movement, he brings his own vision to the mass, creating something unheard before, blending classical and cinematographic sounds to modern production in his own way. 

His new work « Frames Of The Fifth Dimension » is what seems to be the first step into a new world he created just for us. Inspired by the shift of humanity to higher conscinousness he offers us a new way of experiencing sound and art. 

Having transmuted his creative energy into something he can offer to everyone he aims to awaken our hearts, minds and souls, and succeeds once again. 

His own words have more weight than any other :
« Get to know yourself as a spiritual being, who is limitless, all powerful, and deeply connected to the source of all that is. Thank you for being here and now. » Ujo