It seems the ideal track for UJO is the mix of organic natural sounds and mixing them with electronic music. Trying to reflect on the world we live in by allying both nature and technology, treating both with the respect they deserve. His biggest influences are Rone, ta-ku or Jacques Greene.

We feel this guy has this little something that makes him worth your ears.

This guy’s a natural and we believe he is meant for a great musical journey – Nature has no limits and electronica is an ever-evolving art.

UJO is one these producers that considers music the same way graffiti artist consider their urban area: you have to own your surrounding and make it your own. Our 25 years old French producer is from the Alpes, mountains and fresh air have been his inspirations for the last 5 years he’s been composing. He truly cherishes his home and gives you a taste of it in his “God’s Heart” video.

For him, nature is an echo of his art and the more he travels through different type of sounds, the richer his tracks become.

As he puts it : “I find that music is becoming a complete melting-pot now and I find that mesmerizing.” He pulls his inspiration from everything, no matter how obvious or particular,
in order to create art-nouveau, creating something fresh from deep-rooted musical echoes.