Last EP

by Tommy Jacob

Tommy Jacob has always taken a big part in Moose Records’s heart and we’re very sad to see him at the end of his musical career. But that’s an even better reason to appreciate the quality of his new EP: Last.
We’ve never stopped believing that he was another one of those undervalued artists who we needed to push to the front of the scene for him to get the recognition he deserved.

For those of you who just discovered this not so new kid on the block, he loves to impact his hip-hop roots with astounding dark-beats coupled to mesmerizing melodies. Just turn the volume up and you’ll find yourself moving your head to the beats of “I want you” as if it was a song you’d learned to love years back.

Everything feels so cozy, yet so new and so finite. We have a bitter taste in our mouth, but we’re so proud of what Tommy Jacob has produced.
He’s one of those artists whose talent merits to be heard by the fortunate; may you not be few to witness his last jewel.