Awake EP

by Teos

“What is best in novelty is what remedies old desires.” - Paul Valery

Everyone remembers these vibes you used to want to make love to when you were a teenager? That’s the kind of music you’ll be listening to here. 

There’s a very bestial, fresh and uncompromising feel to Teos’s beats. 

He’s only 18 years old, but full of what we like to call the “pretty mother fucker” value. In fact, he started making beats for rappers a couple of years ago, but then started producing for his own account. Giving himself space to experiment and discover new musical horizons, he was able to define new standards for his melodic constructions. 

Moose Records are proud to release the result of his hard work and dedication. 

We’ll leave you with a sweet message from Teos: 

“This EP is the product of about 4 months of work. I developed my own style of music with those songs after experimenting with different stuff. It means a lot to me, that a label wanted to release an EP with me. This was also a big motivation for me and helped to create new and unique music.”