The Source LP

by Sicaa

We are excited to present to you ‘The source’, the last work from our newly featured French Music Producer SICAA. Now 28 years old, he’s been developing his musical awareness since the age of 5 and producing since 2003.
The first track of this EP is a pitch for what you should expect, an introduction if you will.
SICAA will transport you into his complex and substantial world of personal intricacies. 
The Source is very organic; every track was designed to reflect our producer’s mood and feelings related to different life events of his.
Every song is a story in itself. Cultures. Mindsets. Relationships. Artists. Videogames. 
These are his influence.
This is The Source, of his inspiration. 
As he puts it: “I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without my Sources.”
This EP represents keystone events of SICAA’s life between 2013 & 2015.
At Moose Records, we love artists who put themselves out there and share their heart and soul when producing. This is most definitely one of them.