Linear Story Of A Relationship EP

by Orlok

French musician Julien Mousset aka Orlok comes from that place where all this new scene of ambient-pop artists seem to emerge. A lovely land of tape driven sounds and all the atmosphere that comes with it. More than just beats crafted on a journey to wherever you feel home is, those 3 tracks from Orlok are songs, true songs that will suit as much your lazy sunday evening as your walk long nightly walks.

Thinking in textures, Julien Mousset has built his EP around what makes us love music, what makes us want to hit that replay button. Lovely soundscapes and reverie beats guided by his lush vocals on ‘Scar’ to the shoe gaze feeling of ‘Rebirth’ and finishing on the earthy foleys of ‘Feeling The End’, Linear Story Of A Relationship’ is the reflection of yourself seen in the eyes of the ones you love.