Seasons EP

by Nude

There's something cyclic about Nude's music, not in a boring way, in a very very heart-warming way. From his very first EP out via Moose Records a little more than a year ago he's done a lot, worked with a lot of people and made a name for himself. All this is the result of "Seasons", it may sound a little emotional but his way of seeing things has changed since he first starting putting music out and we hear it, we see it, and he makes us feel it through his moving soundscapes.  
This collection of songs is a step into what feels like maturity, finding yourself and trying to push yourself further. There's always ups and downs and it all seems to finally work out in the world Nude's offering us, at least its what he makes us feel.  

He signs a new turn in what he has created since a year and we can't wait to see how all of this turns out, accompanying him on the awesome journey that awaits him. 

Artwork : © Monsieur Plume