No Air EP

by Nude

This is Nude’s first EP and it means as much as it means to us than it means to him.

He just started this new life project and we feel like this is one of these guys with a purpose, and true forte. This is just his first step into his musical production career and we feel like it deserves to be recongnised.

“No Air” is as deep and as it is refreshing. There are new and old school vibes while listening to these tracks. 

Somehow you can relate to these beats because the old-school rap and RnB influences are so appealingly mixed with those guitars and beats, but it’s got this juicy and exhuming sense to it.

As you might have guessed, the 90’s is a big part of Nude’s influences because, as he puts it, he “love(s) the emotions it exudes”. 

Mixed with his own experiences, you get ambient samples of skate sessions with his friends and the sound of slamming skateboarding tricks in his tracks. Skating is his second biggest passion (after music) and it allowed him to build himself as a man as well as an artist. 

“This is a real culture, and I think these two things are closely related, skateboarding and music.”

Travelling from the intimate and then communicating with those around us.

Inside and out.

These two things change the visions that we may have of life, the music that was in our ears can change the perception of any landscape, and skate lets people have fun with all the urban elements in our surroundings. 

Taking possession of your environment and shaping it to your will, that's the idea behind this EP. 

“Go forward, never look back.”

That's basically the visions of Nude at the moment and this EP is his way of giving us the elixir of his actual feelings towards life: what it is, was and should be in all his free, eccentric, nostalgic and yet fresh style.