Nude - Faces EP

Coming back for yet another release, counting as his 6th since the short 9 months he started his project, Nude is reaching new horizons. 
We're so very proud of what he's crafted and has became as one of Moose's best upcoming producers. He's broaden his horizons, from the hazy 'Alien' featuring the truly talented and his friend Jeune Faune that flows through the air giving us goosebumps to the club/poolside ready 'Hide & Seek' that'll make you forget everything about the cold winter we're all going through. 
The ending track 'Eyes' of his 'Faces' EP is an unreal universe brought front by the amazing vocal performance of Pierre Danaë which you'll for sure hear more from on Moose later this year. 
Seeing the evolution Nude is offering we can't wait to have more of him to bring to you.