Some of you may know Katuchat from his Piccadilly track: a truly lively creation that falls out to be a very surprising echo to his cultural influences. As a matter of fact, this 21-year-old French producer (from Tours) brings something rather different to the table.

If you asked him about his musical influences you’d hear about Ryan Hemsworth & Lido. But also of Cashmere cat, for whom he has made his very own and unique remix with the track Mirror Maru, giving it his Katuchat touch.

Actually, what will strike and charm you the most will probably be his Japanese influences. The serenity and bass-vibes take a very unique twist thanks to his use of xylophones, harps and rain-filled percussions. This inspiration is taken to a whole different level in Piccadilly with the feelings that both the calmness of rural Japan, as well as the eccentricity of Japanese megalopolises, are portrayed into this inspiring track.

Katuchat is another one of those guys that we like to count among the Moose family. His sense of substance and his rare approach to music production make him a very interesting artist and someone we believe deserves your recognition.