Hakuu - Omniscients EP

by Hakuu

This is just the beginning of Hakuu’s journey into the music world and such talent deserves to be recognized. Omniscients is his first EP and we’re very proud to present his work to you guys. His voyage starts here and “it will be a long and probably endless road to get there, but its all about the adventure...” as he puts it.

One of the interesting things about this EP is that every track was made on the road at different times, in different places, but never in a home studio. Listening to these tracks, you get a great feel of these limitless spaces opening up and taking shape the further down the road you go. There is a captivating sense of freedom and exploration, transported and welcomed into Hakuu’s exploration of immense landscapes. 

With Omniscients he is trying to materialize his past experiences. Visual arts were his first artistic forms of expression. This gives him an interesting way of approaching music production with a design-oriented focus rather than a classical music theory and songwriting standpoint. 

The freeform, boundary-less, creative approach producers have now-a days really is a big inspiration to him. Narrowing it down to a few inspirations, Dpat and Flako are his favorite producers. He has no problem juggling with blues, echoed up-beat vocals, acoustic guitars and wind chimes, always keeping it organic, complex and fascinating.

This EP specifically represents a mark in his growth and exploration into the possibilities of music production. It marks his first collection of songs that he feels comfortable with sharing with us. 

Here’s some more insight on the craft of our 21 years old producer from Oregon: “the tracks represent a lot of learning that took place during the creation process and letting them go is a relief and marker that I can use the comfortability and knowledge I have gained creating these tracks into my future sound. I am excited for future projects and to continue defining my sound! It feels good to let this music go and move on to more possibilities. With so much inspiration musically I am anxious to see what comes next.”

We are so glad that we can now count Hakuu as part of the Moose Family. He encapsulates our vision of talented artists that, even if not yet recognized, have the nerves to go out there and pour the essence of their experience into their passion to create great piece of art.