Broken. - The Dark Side Of Me EP

by Broken.

This is the latest EP from Broken and Moose Records is proud to present it to you. 
Our 20 years old Ukrainian producer started working on this piece in November 2014 and his refining is worth the prize. As you might expect from the wording, his “The Dark Side of Me” EP is as deep and gloomy as Broken – artists such as Burial, Sorrow or Black Ceiling noticeably resonate in this work. 
The first track introduces this EP with a somewhat Max Payne ambiance to it – the tenacity and serenity of a hopeless yet relentless persona, giving the tone for what is to come. 
The second track, in his own words, is about « being addicted to the one you love, stargazing at night, your mind subjugated by the thought of this other being; killing you from the inside. » 
The Third track is probably the most interesting as well as the most impulsive track on this EP. It is about conflicting feelings of love, trying to find a resolution by connecting the heart and brains within one’s self. Not a simple task and somewhat of a hectic one, but worth the journey, very much so as is this impressive track. 
The fourth and last track, 'Irie', was written in one breath. There is something really eerie and catchy about it. Contemplating this rastafari vibe mixed with deep toned voices and beat-down melody, 'Irie' conquers the soul and uplifts the mind. This combination turns out surprisingly well and you’re almost sad that this track doesn’t go for a bit longer.