We could have found a hyper name, a name that resounds in the ears of Internet users, connected, always aware of their surroundings. A name that evokes the noisy and lively city. We had tons of marketing-focused names ! 
And then, we replayed the music we love.

Not the one that should be loved because a radiobroadcast programmer decided in his office that it would be the new trend. No, the one we discover on the web, listening to our friends’ play-lists, or in bars and small scenes in lost neighborhoods.

We realized that this music usually carried us to large spaces, virtual at first, and sometimes very real.
A journey to very pure spaces but also and quite often, to crowded battles, conflicts, and debates – a life experience.

In these environments, we are actors. 
Dynamic, ready for change, ready to accept that unstoppable movement : 
borders, beliefs and alliances are always motion.

And then the picture of the moose came to us. A Moose is a symbol of strength in these large spaces.
It is the elegance, decorated with elevated wood, ready to attack or defend.

Moose records will have no boundaries ; it will pace large (old or new) spaces and will defend what (whom) it loves, with elegance.

For any information, mail us to : mooserec@gmail.com